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2 Weeks After Kili Reflections

2 Weeks After Kili: Reflections 11 October, 2016 News I have been asked–and am asking myself—if climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro was transformative. Transformation. That’s a big word. Maybe too big for this event. But I do have a few enduring conclusions...

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Kili Honey I did it.

Kili: Honey. I did it. 3 October, 2016 News The prospect of sending that four word text to my husband kept me going during our punishing “summit day” – which (for me as I’m a bit slower than others) involved 8+ hours (starting at midnight) of going up several thousand...

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0 Days till Kili: Breathing Thin Air

0 Days till Kili: Breathing Thin Air 17 September, 2016 News A beloved college friend called me: “I’m sure you’re excited and scared…I’ve heard those feelings originate from the same place in your brain.” Wow. Checked the Internet. Sure ‘nuff. But I’m not surprised....

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6 Days till Kili: Attitude Adjustment

6 Days till Kili: Attitude Adjustment 29 August, 2016 News Today my trainer called me a baby. Can’t remember what I said to provoke her, but I do remember thinking, well, I can’t really be a badass AND a baby going up that mountain. So I decided. Adjust my attitude....

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9 Days till Kili: I heart Corn Pops

9 Days till Kili: I heart Corn Pops 8 September, 2016 News I’m on a pre-Kili conference call with all of the amazing women who are taking this trip with me, and our world-renowned mountain guide, Jeff Evans. We’re a large group and we’re such an eclectic bunch it...

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15 Days till Kili: It’s Not Fun, It’s Feet

15 Days till Kili: It’s Not Fun, It’s Feet 2 September, 2016 News My first summit was Bear Mountain with a colleague and friend, Chuck Garcia, an experienced climber who has done Kilimanjaro, Everest, and many more mountains. Chuck wrote a wonderful book about how...

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17 Days Till Kili Parkas Poles and Perseverance

17 Days till Kili: Parkas, Poles, and Perseverance 29 August, 2016 News At the gym the other day, a trainer approached me, smiling. “I hear you’ll be joining our Gladiator class.” I looked around to see whom she might be talking to. Because if you ask any of my...

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