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Kili: Honey. I did it.


October, 2016
Mount Kilimanjaro Hikers
The prospect of sending that four word text to my husband kept me going during our punishing “summit day” – which (for me as I’m a bit slower than others) involved 8+ hours (starting at midnight) of going up several thousand vertical feet (I didn’t really want to know specifics) and then 8+ hours walking back down to camp. “They” are not kidding when they say summitting Kili (a verb I had never used before and never will again) is the hardest thing they’ve ever done. That doesn’t begin to describe it. Thanks so much to those who supported me and Shatterproof for this climb. I had many thoughts about addiction, my siblings, and that formidable, seemingly unattainable mountain top we were trying to reach. The mind goes in many directions as you’re looking down and plowing forward. (Yes, it was the same as Bear Mountain, only about a zillion times longer and scarier…) Remember how the man who led us predicted that the preparation, contemplation and run-up to the climb would linger as the most pleasurable afterward? For me, not so much. The most pleasurable are two things: the women I traveled with on this journey, and having that journey IN MY REAR VIEW MIRROR! Honestly, I tell it now, and I can’t believe it was me! But I did send the text. Currently savoring the accomplishment, snacking on my remaining Snickers, and reclaiming my bruised body. Details soon!
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